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Whether you are looking for a simple digital solution or a complex whole of business integration – Price Rural Management is here to help.

Price Rural Management is at the forefront of digital technology project design and installation. We have had personal involvement with the the installation and operation of over 650 devices across 35,000 hectares in rural Australia.

  • We can help you understand your “pain points” and develop a digital solution pathway.
  • Let us take the mystery and confusion out of digital agriculture.
  • Understanding the value proposition and insights into business practice change from digital technology implementation is our speciality.
  • Having developed a sound understanding of solutions and suppliers, we are able to provide sound advice on integration partnerships.
  • We can project manage your installation from start to finish or simply assist along the way.

From weather stations to water monitoring, right through to animal health and tracking devices – the digital integration options are massive.

Price Rural Management has a clear understanding of what works and what does not and how you can apply digital products to address your needs.

Water Technology

Water Technology

Water sensing and remote telemetry is providing fantastic piece of mind and return on investment.

Whether you want to monitor tanks, troughs, dams or even flood zones, or perhaps you would like to turn a pump on or off from your office. PRM can assist with your understanding of best use in your business.

Weather Stations

Weather stations are becoming more personailsed each day.

Having access to your own weather data, in close to real time, is now a reality. Strong robust devices are available and can be a great starting point to break into the digital technology world.

Weather Stations


Connecting your digital devices from data collection point to a suitable reporting platform is a highly important process.

There are a large range of viable communication options now available to connect your digital devices.

PRM can take the mystery out of the process for you.  

Animal Tracking

Tracking animal movement, animal health and current position is a reality today. Talk to us about use cases and what is available.

Animal Tracking

All Things Drone

Drones are fast becoming a very sought after innovation. Land or air – PRM can help you with use case and integration options and ideas.


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