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Price Rural Management provides agricultural business, rural advisory and consultancy services to clients with various size holdings and enterprises as well as the wider agricultural industry.  With high level knowledge of agricultural business management, we can work with clients in any area of their operation. This includes livestock production and operations, whole of property and business management, financial budgeting, reporting and analysis, recruitment and training, business compliance and governance. We are also highly experienced in the emerging field of digital technology implementation and integration.

Agricultural Business

PRM is highly skilled in all areas of agricultural business management. We have 34 years experience in all areas of traditional agricultural practice. 


As a producer, PRM can help you build an understanding of your needs and assist you to integrate Digital Technology into your business today.

Digital Industry

PRM can service the needs of solution providers, industry bodies and producer groups looking for project creation and delivery.

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Working Together 

Price Rural Management is a consultancy and advisory company that can assist agricultural business of all types to develop and progress in today’s challenging world.

We have experience in most areas of traditional agriculture from the large holdings in the northern pastoral zones to smaller holdings in the southern states. 

Price Rural Management has a high level understanding of new technologies and their applications. We offer insight and knowledge to all interested parties looking to take the next step in productivity and business understanding.


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