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Whether you are a Solution provider, Industry body or Producer group involved in the IoT and digital technology landscape within Agriculture – Price Rural Management is here to help.

IoT Solution Providers

Price Rural Management is currently working with solution providers of digital technology to enhance industry engagement and assist in their business development. We can assist you to understand the use case of your product at farm level and enhance producer awareness of your offering. We offer guidance for best practice installation and delivery of your product. We also have a sound understanding of reporting platforms. Pulling all of this together will lead to an increase in industry and producer adoption. Let us help you to promote the demonstrable impact of your product and services.

Research Development Companies

Price Rural Management has engaged with several RDC’s in a variety of projects. We are able to assist in the understanding of what technology is real and what is not. We can suggest what R&D programs and budgets may be needed to drive and support further development of any of new solutions in your sector. Let us propose what your organisation can consider doing to ensure maximum possible adoption is achieved.

Price Rural Management is well placed to consider and recommend pathways for future integration of AgTech program investment and adoption strategies. We offer perspective on proposed strategies/business plans/projects and can assist in their development to deliver maximum impact to industry. 

Industry and Producer Groups

Price Rural Management can assist Industry and Producer groups with the understanding of Digital Technology in agriculture today and into the future. We can enhance the building of projects and their delivery to meet objectives.

Price Rural Management has had direct involvement and success with recent digital farm pilot projects. We are able to address producer questions and requests. Our objective is delivery of producer awareness coupled with assisting and encouraging producer adoption.

No matter where you sit in the landscape –

Price Rural Management has the experience and capability to build and deliver projects for your company or group in the areas of Ag Tech and Precision Agriculture.

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